Aquaponics - Recycled Leeks

It turns out it's possible to recycle leeks.

Which is nice.

When you buy or harvest a leek, cut the base off like you might normally do, but perhaps be a little more generous in what you leave. ie cut the bottom off so that it's 1cm thick or so.

Also leave the roots on if they are there still.

Then just stick it into your growbed media and wait patiently for a bit.

If you bought your Leek from a supermarket and the roots are all removed, it takes quite a while before you see new growth. Like all things without roots, they try to grow enough of a root system to keep from getting all thirsty and dead as a priority, then start to put up the all the photosynthesising bits to get on with the business of growing in earnest.

But, if you leave the roots on when you harvest, or better yet, just cut the stem off and leave the roots in the media, you should see new stem growth right from the start.

Pictured here are three store bought Leek bases in different stages of growth.

All of these had no roots at all.

The one I pulled up was just harassed in order to have it's photo taken, but will no doubt be fine because the expanded clay media is very forgiving when doing such things as pulling up a plant just to take a photo of it's roots.

As far as I can tell it's growing normally, and should be a perfectly good Leek in no time.

There's always the chance that something strange might happen and it might turn to a piece of wood or something, but if it does, rest assured I'll probably get around to telling you before you waste too much of your own time doing this.

120ThingsIn20Years thinks it will probably work just fine.


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